A little trick :D about menu

I usually work with fluxbox, because is light and quick. Sometimes when I install new application there isn't on mouse menu.

There is a nice future of systems called update-menus very easy by use:D

From root create inside directory  menu a new file with label of application.

I create one for virtualbox with this parameters:

# more /usr/share/menu/VirtualBox

?package(virtualbox):needs="X11" \
  section="Applications/Emulators" \
  title="virtualbox" \
  command="/usr/bin/virtualbox" \

Where package is the application and need the enviroment where it works,
section the path of menu, title the label on menu, command the path of the application execute, hints the sub-menu where the label is.

Run the command below

# update-menus

if everithing is ok the menu label run your application.

With dpkg -L menu you can see the package on debian ;D